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Ok, you are having some herbs for hair loss, and you are thinking that you are holding the magic formula to having your lovely hairs back. The things it is not so easy, You must know some reasons that you are having thinner hair before you try any kind of hair loss herbs. Let’s find out some of them.

Hair loss is verified either simple to comb without appearing in the mirror or as baldness which is excessive hair loss from the scalp. Hair loss can be the result of heredity, certain medications or an underlying condition. The medical term for hair loss is alopecia.

The symptoms of hair loss are the loss of hair from the scalp can be identified in front of the head, on the side or in the entire head and be diffuse or localized in coin size in different parts of the head.

Small loss to seasonality and in old age is normal. Other causes of hair loss are: 

 •             Inheritance.

 •             Inflammation or scarring of the hair follicle from various skin disorders.

 •             Autoimmune diseases.

 •             Emotional or physical stress, such as a death in the family, or after a high fever, sudden or excessive weight loss, nutritional deficiencies, surgery.

 •             Excessive traction (pulling) the hair with hairstyles.

 •             Malnutrition.

 •             Drugs used for arthritis, depression, heart problems and high blood pressure.

 •             Diabetes mellitus and lupus can cause hair loss.

 •             Chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

 •             Hormonal changes and imbalances as in pregnancy.

 •             Chemicals used for dyeing hair.

 •             Infection of the head as the lichen.


A complete medical history, family history and physical examination can help diagnosis. The form and the rate of loss of hair, the appearance of hair in the surrounding area (for example, if the hair cut) help in the diagnosis. In some cases require specific tests for the investigation of specific diseases such as blood tests and skin biopsy.

 Some herbs for hair loss tested lead in addressing the problem of your hair.


frequent use of rosemary is ideal against hair loss. You can use or infusion or essential oil of herb.



from the most effective herbs against hair loss. You can use an infusion of the herb.


another herb tonic hair stops dandruff and helps in the treatment of hair loss. Use also the infusion of the herb.


This is a herb that will find an ally in your efforts against hair loss, here using the infusion of the herb.



the essential oil of cedar and this are useful for hair loss and dandruff because of the strong antiseptic action.


Whichever herb you decide to use the method of use are:

 The effusion of nettle and oregano massage the scalp after shampooing at regular intervals.

 The effusion of rosemary, since soak massage, let your hair dry if you do not have to go not wash your hair. Wash your hair after an hour or more.

 With effusion from maidenhair after the preparation, make a cure drinking up to two cups a day.

 With essential oils of herbs, massage into the scalp, after you make a mix with laurel oil or almond oil as a base means you drip ten drops of rosemary  or five drops of essential oil of cedar. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes and then wash your hair with a neutral shampoo.

 If you want once a week to do the following: Using avocado oil or bay oil or almond oil. Massage the root first and then to the entire length of hair. Wrap with a warm towel and stay that way for half an hour. After carefully soak up as follows: the handful you put as much as they need from a neutral shampoo, take very little hot water in your handful and apply the shampoo to the hair  wash your hair and start massaging without  moisten your hair. Then bathe normally. That also help the hair loss.

 And one last thing. Hair loss herbs can help us, but you should not forget that you need also:

 -Balanced diet.

 - Handle the hair soft.

 - Avoid frequent hair-drying and tight hairstyles with rubber bands.

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